Capabilities & Services

Palumbo has the capability to design and build individual dwellings, schools, medical centres, mixed-use apartment complexes, industrial warehouses and other types of constructions.   

Our staff have a wealth of industry experience and understand that each client has unique requirements.  A dedicated project team is established from day one to ensure the required skills and expertise are assigned to each project. We consider design, feasibility, approvals, scheduling, procurement and construction in detail. Subsequently, a development plan is formulated, which includes milestones and resource management from conception to completion.

Palumbo's dedicated and dynamic project managers maintain thorough communication during the entirety of each project so that every client is well-informed at all times. Our commitment to each and every one of our clients is unquestionable, as is our ability to deliver high-quality projects efficiently and economically.  With such a genuine love for what we do, our complete construction offering and reputable client service has led to our continued growth and success over the past twenty-five years.  Our promise is to deliver every project to schedule and we have earned a strong reputation for doing so.

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Design & Drafting

Your relationship with Palumbo begins at the design phase. We have our own in-house design and drafting team that is highly experienced at all project levels including residential, industrial and commercial constructions. We work closely with our clients to achieve a comprehensive understanding of their project vision. We then turn their vision into reality.  We provide plans, approval documentation, and full construction drawings.

Our high-quality and cost-effective designs are always delivered on time and to budget. We use leading software systems incorporating progressive and green building design techniques, saving time now and energy costs in the future.


Thanks to our design and drafting capabilities, we build customised constructions that our clients call 'home' before they are even built. Our design process considers the unique needs of the resident. We take pride in constructing residential developments and homes for families to cherish and enjoy for years to come.

We are highly experienced in designing, constructing and delivering exceptional residential projects. Our portfolio includes high density apartment / townhouse developments, urban renewal projects including streetscape upgrade and group developments, single and double storey detached and attached new dwellings, and new community or multiple housing developments.

Our portfolio spans a range of clientèle including private clients, Masonic Homes and several retirement villages, Defence Housing Australia, the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion and Housing SA.

Retirement Living, Disability & Aged Care

At Palumbo, we understand the need for specialised living situations. We have significant experience in the construction of retirement villages, disability and aged care living. Our team has delivered projects for a host of clients including Prime Life (a division of Lend Lease), Masonic Homes, Laura and Alfred West Cottage Homes, the Julia Farr Association, LHI Retirement Services, and Bedford Industries.

Many of these projects are carried out on occupied or existing sites. In these instances, we maintain open communication lines to ensure stakeholders and tenants are well-informed. 

Our onsite employeesare always approachable and friendly, and can address any queries or concerns that tenants may have. We endeavour to make sure that tenants feel safe and at home while we are undertaking construction works in such close proximity.

Commercial & Industrial

Palumbo's commercial construction team designs and develops commercial buildings, including warehousing, retail and offices. We also undertake works for councils, industrial clients and private clients.
We guarantee an efficient project construction process and prompt resolution of all challenges inherent to commercial construction.

Our commercial works portfolio is inclusive of apartment complexes in the Adelaide CBD and outer suburbs, schools and libraries, sheltered houses with protective security devices and systems, commercial fit-outs and medical clinics.

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